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Design: Steffen Borowski

The acoustic lamps of the CALM collection combine an excellent lighting quality with high noise absorbance, which ensures an incomparable lighting efficiency with a simultaneous noise reduction effec.

The model “One” is distinguished by its glare-free direct light, consisting of 120 LED light points, which emits the light over a large area, providing a pleasant lighting effect.

“Duo” uses the existing direct light quality combined with an indirect light source from the upper side of the lamp. Both are separately dimmable using a Dali or Casambi control, which can be adjusted over your mobile phone App.

An extension to the CALM SQUARE collection is the suspended ceiling absorber “Zero” which optically fits to the light modules.

Using our high quality steel cable suspension system, you can easily fit and perfectly position all versions without usage of tools.

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Product information

Light technology

120 LED Leuchten / 2716 Lumen

120 LED Leuchten / 2428 Lumen

per Dali oder Bluetooth

4.000 Kelvin

ColourRendering (CRI): 85

UGR: lower 18

Sizes (BTH)

98 x 98 x 4 cm

Lampshade colour

light gray

Cable colour